DTF Halftones

Adobe Photoshop Action Kit for DTF & White Laser Toner Printers

Easy Color KnockoutsImage Clean-Up, and Halftoning.
Save Money, Ink & Time while creating softer prints!

DTF Halftones

Affinity Photo Macro Kit for DTF & White Laser Toner Printers

Save time, create softer prints, and take your printing business to the next level.
Custom Color KnockoutsImage Halftoning, and Image Print Prep & Clean-ups, all included!

Vintage Bootleg

Affinity Photo Macro Kit for making your images look authentic bootleg!

Create Vintage Bootleg Designs in a flash.
This kit provides the tools for you to create the look but also doubles as a separator! 🙌

Heavy Metal

Chrome Layer Styles for that Retro Typography Look!

🤘 Really take your designs back in time with the custom Chrome Styles.
Full armored with shines & flares to really make these metallic looks shine! ✨

Rap Tees Kit

Authentic Layer Styles inspired by 90’s Rap Bootleg Shirts! 👕

Turn back the clock and add some certified old-school to your designs.
Simple layer setups make designing quick and simple. 👍