“Rasterise” isn’t working!

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Working with Rasterize in Photoshop

When working with Rasterize actions in Photoshop version of the kit, it’s important to ensure that your document is set to RGB color mode. This can be done in the “Image” menu by selecting “Mode” and then “RGB Color.”

Using Rasterize

If you’re using the “Rasterize” function in Photoshop, you’ll need to have something that is semi-transparent in the pixels to allow the Rasterize function to work properly. This can be achieved using several ways, but the one we’ll focus on is using a Knockout from the kit.

Alternatively, you can use “Uniform Rasterize” which doesn’t require semi-transparent pixels and should work right away.

Performing a Knock Out

To create a more professional look for your graphics, you may want to perform a “Knock Out” action, typically using black. This will remove black’s influence from the artwork, allowing the halftones to blend with the garments color (black garment) . You need to run the Knockout first, then run the “Rasterize” actions and you should now be good to go. Please watch the video below for a little more insight to the process.


To summarize:

  • Set your Photoshop document’s color mode to RGB using the “Image” menu and selecting “Mode” and then “RGB Color.”
  • If using “Rasterize,” ensure that you have semi-transparent pixels, or use “Uniform Rasterize” which doesn’t depend on semi transparency (but will just be uniform halftones).
  • To perform a “Knock Out”, use the actions “Knockout Black”, “Knockout White” and it’s variations or “Custom Color”.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to create great halftone rasterizations with ease!