When I click to use knockout black, nothing happens…

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Issues (Photoshop)

There are a lot of issues that can arise and we’ll try to list all of them along with their solutions in this article. Some issues have multiple causes while others are very simple.

Problem: Nothing happens when I click Knockout Black.

Solution: First make sure that your documents Color Mode is set to “RGB”.

Problem: When I use Knockout Black, my results don’t look right or are inverted, blacks stay but the colors are removed.

Solution: Not all prior versions of Photoshop are the same. We’ve provided an extra set of actions for folks that continue to use legacy Photoshop versions that conflict with the latest cloud versions of Photoshop. Simply install and use the other version of the kit you’re provided, this should solve your issue.

Problem: When I click to use Knockout Black, I get error messages.

Solution: These at times, are a false positives. Knockouts contain actions that help clean up the layers while running, while trying to not leave behind a layer mess in your file. If your document doesn’t have those specific layers (or selections), the action will run, not find it (which is ok), and then throw out a pop-up dialog message like..

The command “Select” is not currently available.

Photoshop Action, Error Dialog Pop-up Message

…this means that Photoshop is looking for a “selection” or layer that currently doesn’t exist and that’s ok. You can just click “Continue” and the action will resume, and your results should be fine. If you run into any odd results after, let us know so we can investigate the issue further and add it to this article.

Most of the time it’s because you were naughty and didn’t watch the video tutorials, rushing to get to work and didn’t follow the suggestions I lay out before running the kit but here’s a bullet list of points to look out for.

  1. Make sure you document is in RGB color mode (CMYK documents will not work!)
  2. Make sure you document is atleast 300dpi (resolution) or more
  3. Make sure the layer you’re process with the halftone kit is unlocked
  4. Make sure you pruchase the correct version of the kit and you’re not using Affinity’s Kit in Photoshop, or vise-versa.