Pixel Moshpit™ Vector Watercolor Brushes & Symbols 2


Brush-able vector Watercolor right in illustrator! Use the symbol sprayer tool and the brush or pencil to add custom, unique, 100% vector watercolor texture to any of your art! Don’t settle for fixed textures, make your own original textures. It comes in two packages for those who know what they want to do and those who only want to get their feet wet.

This is offered as two packages:

  • Full Package – Contains everything without exceptions and any updates to the package in the future.
  • Sample Package – This contains the Watercolor template and DOES NOT include only but a small portion of the Full Package.
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This is a set of 39 custom handmade, paint stroke and mark symbols and brushes are ready to take your typography work and designs to the next level. These are high quality, hand chosen strokes and marks that will have you really diving deep into your next project, texturing you work to resemble realistic watercolors! Don’t be fooled by large packs of brushes that have nothing but redundant strokes and marks; we don’t need hundreds of redundant brushes we just need the few versatile, great ones! Please make sure to watch our Youtube channel for tutorials on how to use these special brushes and symbols to their greatest potential.What you get in this volume:

  • 39 Custom Handmade Paint Strokes and Marks
  • 12 are Paint Strokes
  • 27 are Splatter Brushes
  • Easy install guide to help you get up and running quickly

Pixel Moshpit Youtube Channel: Youtube.com/c/PixelMoshpit

IMPORTANT: How to install file is included with the purchase.

Any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out at: pixelmoshpit@gmail.com

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Full Package, Sample Package


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