Affinity Publisher Release!

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Affinity Publisher is finally here!

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Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Affinity at all, just love the products! Some us of have been waiting some time now and at long last we get to dive in! With the release Affinity is starting to toss some competition at Adobe which a large majority of multiple industries has set as their “industry standard” and with that label comes a very large target on their back.

Publisher is Affinity’s attempt to show the industry what other players in the game have to offer and it’s quite the offering! With StudioLink Publisher now allows users to hop in and out of vector and raster mode with Design and Photo persona’s respectively.

I can’t describe how streamlined this workflow is and how stress free it is to due some heavy editing to your graphic assets within the same program. This allows you to skip the whole “Smart Objects” (which you can still take advantage of inside Affinity with “Symbols”) thing and non-destructively edit your assets.

There is so much more to dive into with Publisher as well as Affinity’s other offerings Photo and Designer and you can grab a trial or even a discounted non-subscription base copy during their on-going sale to highlight the release of publisher and the 1.7 updates to Affinity Photo and Designer!