Vintage Rap Tee Fonts – The Modern Bootleg Font Reference

Vintage Bootleg Rap Tee’s are currently in high demand and so are the font’s used in them, inspired by the vintage 90’s oldschool hip hop/rap tee’s they rested on.

Most of the font’s were system available font’s and there weren’t a giant list of them like there are today.

Bootlegger favorites like Bauhaus, Revue, Amos, Stencil and the like.

If you’re looking to get into designing or just need to identify the font’s here’s a small sampling of what was used.

I’d love to see some comments on some of the font’s in the list and where people remember them from!

If you’re ready to start designing Rap Tee’s well I have a full length tutorial on the Youtube channel here:

Rap Tee, Vintage Bootleg Design Tutorial in Affinity Photo

Our watch here:

If you’re here looking for the assets that are involved in the Youtube video or products similar to designing and producing realistic vintage bootleg rap tee’s, look below or hit the shop!

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